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Bloggers of BCSS, are active members of the orgnization who have come together to help in the healing process through knowledge!
Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks County is an organization that provides hope, information and emotional support to women and men affected by breast cancer.
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Blogs From Our Bloggers

  1. Cancer Coverage Checklist
    26 Sep, 2016
    Cancer Coverage Checklist
    A helpful checklist for getting you ready for November! The health insurance marketplace can be a little daunting but with this checklist you can be prepared for shopping and comparing plans. PDF version - ​cancer_coverage_checklist_tabloid_dk-changes-03.pdf
  2. The Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen
    01 Jun, 2016
    The Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen
    Earlier this week Environmental Working Group released EWG's 2016 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™. Hundreds of thousands of consumers are turning to this important resource to shop smarter and cleaner by avoiding fruits and veggies most likely to be laden in pesticide residues. (https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/index.php?inlist=Y/utm_source=201604FNSB&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=201604FNSB) The Clean Fifteen™ EWG's Clean Fifteen™ is a list of produce least likely to hold pesticide
  3. Helping Children Understand Cancer
    31 May, 2016
    Helping Children Understand Cancer
    We recently found a wonderful list of helpful resources for talking with your children about your loved one's cancer. In this blog post we are going to cover one helpful source but please follow this link for further resources and different age groups --> talking-w-kids-about-a-loved-ones-cancer-information-guide.pdf Helping Children Understand Cancer: Talking to Your Kids About Your Diagnosis Fact Sheet from
  4. Poems
    02 May, 2016
    Poems written by a survivor.    SHORN Kneeling over the bathtub, head bowed low, the clippers at the nape of my neck start in to sing, calling me to prayer. Wounded locks of hair fall from my head, casualties of war. Limp and lifeless on the porcelain snow, they mount with each pass. My shearer reminds me it’s the treatment, not the illness, that’s killing my hair. It will come back. So now these are innocents in the snow, mothers and children intertwined, collateral damage the rubble of
  5. Healthy Easy Snacks
    11 Apr, 2016
    Healthy Easy Snacks
    Before you head to the kitchen for the potato chips, consider one of these easy treats. Whip them up in a snap! These tasty treats are perfect for an anytime snack. Having guests? They will be happy that you offered low-cal healthy fare. What a treat! Cucumber slices topped with small shrimp  Cherry tomato and marinated tortellini on a toothpick Sweet midget gherkin and a ham cube on a pick Smoothie shooter: In a blender, blend 1/2 cup of yogurt, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup frozen mango (or other
  6. Breast Cancer & Pregnancy
    01 Mar, 2016
    Breast Cancer & Pregnancy
    Breast cancer is often not considered a young woman’s disease, however, when diagnosed, a frequent thought is: How will this affect any future pregnancies? According to Tomasi-Cont N, et al., Strategies for Fertility Preservation in Young Early Breast Cancer Patients, The Breast (2014), 12 % of those diagnosed with breast cancer are under 44 years of age. In the past, a diagnosis may not have interfered with growing a family, but in today’s society, the trend is to delay pregnancy, which means
  7. The Debate…Does Red Meat Cause Breast Cancer?
    27 Feb, 2016
    The Debate…Does Red Meat Cause Breast Cancer?
    The link between red meat and cancer has been studied for the past 20 years.  A study published in the British Medical Journal, June 2014 found a higher red meat intake in early adulthood  was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer overall.  However, in the same study substituting one serving per day of red meat for poultry, legumes nuts or fish may reduce the risk of breast cancer.  You have to consider what the typical diet and what the source of red meat eaten in the study.  Did